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Full Service Septic Pumping and Waste Removal Services Serving Residential and Commercial  Business in Cottonwood Arizona for over 10 Years.

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Emergency Septic Pumping – We offer emergency septic pumping during off-hours so please call us for the details!

Septic Tank Pumping Cottonwood

Do you have a septic tank at your home or office? How would you know? If you do not have city sewer service, then you have a septic tank. Septic tanks need to be pumped <—-Read More—->

Leech Field Line Cleaning

Leech field line cleaning is important because it is your septic system’s life-blood. If your leech field is clogged your septic system will not drain right, which also means your home or business’s drain lines will not run properly, causing clogged sinks, toilets, tubs, and anything else that runs the wastewater into your septic tank. Call us today if you have drain problems in all your devices, especially the ones that are lower in altitude because you might need a leech field line cleaning service. These symptoms can mean an unhealthy septic system, which if you do not take care of can result in a multi-thousand-dollar leech line replacement.

Root Removal

Tree and bush roots can penetrate your sewer system lines, putting raw sewage onto your property and causing all kinds of issues. If you suspect a problem with roots <—-Read More—->

Drain Line Clearing

If you are having problems with the water not draining from any of your plumbing, give us a call today. We can rooter any of the drain lines in your home or business and get your drains to run properly again, alleviating the stress associated with stubborn drains. We see this all the time and stubborn drain lines can not only be inconvenient to deal with, but they can become so bad the water will not drain at all. Calling us when you begin to have these issues will prevent them from becoming worse, and it will save you money.

Sewer Drain Line Cleaning

– Are your drains not running properly? Do you notice that they let the water out increasingly slowly with every passing day? You could just have some clogs in your drains that if not removed will cause your drains to eventually not move the wastewater at all. Call us today if you are experiencing slow drain movement and we will come out and clean out your drains. We also have a camera locator, so we can see into your drains and determine the exact location of any clogs.

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Line Break Locator Service

Is your wastewater running where it shouldn’t? This is potentially one of the most expensive problems to fix in any home or business wastewater system, but we can locate and repair most all line breaks quickly and easily, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in clean-up costs, not to mention the potential for black mold clean-up which can cost even more! Try our line break locator service today to avoid potential health issues! Black mold is a health disaster causing breathing and other issues in people and pets. It is not something that you want to mess with, and black mold cleanup is extremely expensive to remove properly because it gets everywhere, especially in exposed wood fiber. Call us as soon as you spot any symptoms and our line break locator service will help you fast!

Video Camera Location Service

We have the best video camera locating service in town. Many times, a clog can occur, or other issues can cause your home or business wastewater system to not work properly. Years ago, there was no such thing as a camera locator service and rooter guys would only guess where a problem was occurring. Today, camera locators make the most difficult jobs of yesteryear easier for us and more affordable for home and business owners! Call us today if you have any issues with your wastewater system and we will come out and use our special camera system to locate the issue and get it fixed quickly.

Leech Field Repair

Sometimes a leech field may be running slowly because part of it became damaged either due to roots or clogs, or other issues. We can find these issues for you and repair the leech field, making it work properly again and alleviating slow drain issues that can cause you stress and other issues in your home or business. Call us today if you suspect that your drains are running slowly, and we will determine where the problem lies and get it fixed for you.

Septic Tank Repair

Septic tanks are not without their problems, even though they may be made of cement or other strong materials. We can inspect your tank and determine if there are any problems with it, and get it fixed for you. You may even need to have a septic tank replaced. This is rare, but it can happen. We can also replace the tank for you and get your septic system running the way it should. Give us a call today if you suspect you have a septic tank issue and we will come out and do our best to repair it for you.

Toilet Clog Removal

One of the most annoying pieces of the wastewater system is the toilet, especially when it will not flush properly or at all. Wastewater can end up all over the place making a huge mess, and even a plunger may not fix the issue. If you have a toilet that will not flush properly or it consistently has problems flushing, give us a call so we can look and see if a stubborn clog is causing the issue. We can fix it and get your toilet running properly again, quickly, and easily!

Sink Clog Removal

Sink clogs can be very stubborn because hair and things like soap scum can team up and make a big gooey mess, causing your sink to not drain properly! Although most sinks have an overflow that stops the water from flowing onto the floor, the overflow may not work properly if the drain for it is higher than the gooey clog. Call us if your sink isn’t draining right – we will locate and remove the gooey clog and get your sink to work right again quickly and easily.

We Offer Emergency Septic Pumping Off Hours Call For Details

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Bathtub Clog Removal

If your bathtub is not draining properly, you could be walking around in nasty bathwater which can cause foot fungus and other skin issues. Call us today if your bathtub is not draining properly and we will find the clog and remove it for you, saving your skin from bad things and saving you the stress of having to deal with it and the clog. We can help with your bathtub clog so call today!

Water Jetting Service

One of the ways that we can remove clogs in sewer lines is by using a special water jetting service. This pumps water into your sewer or septic lines at 18 gallons per minute with a special head at the end of the line which rotates at 4000 rpm. These two special features combine to bust out any clog no matter what it is made of, and without hurting your drain lines! We have the best water jetting clog-clearing equipment so if you have any type of clog causing your system issues, call us today and we will put our special tools to use and fix your special problems quickly and easily.

Emergency Septic Pumping

We offer emergency septic pumping during off-hours so please call us for the details!

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